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Powerful, but easy.

Tock is a complete reservation and table management system for offering free reservations and prepaid experiences like tasting menus, a chef’s counter, and events.

Versatile reservations

Tock is a reservation system. But Tock isn't just your normal, old-school reservation system. We give you the power to offer your guests much more than just an open table.

Ordinary reservations

Ordinary reservations

Tock allows your guests to book free, zero-cost reservations via their desktop, tablet, or phone without having to ever download an App. Full integration into Google Maps and Search means that they can swipe a few times and instantly book.

Prepaid reservations

Deposit and prepaid reservations

Your chef's tastings, wine dinners, special events, holiday menus like New Years Eve and Valentines Day, and more can be offered requiring a deposit or pre-payment. Tock allows you to put these side by side with your every day reservations, increasing awareness and sales of the offerings that make your venue unique.

Advanced hospitality tools

The Tock Dashboard is complete with all the tools and features you need to run your business but reimagined and beautifully redesigned.

Reservation management

Reservation management

Everything you could ever need to do with a reservation is presented in step-by-step plain English instructions so your team gets it right the first time, everytime. Book over the phone, by email, transfer a reservation, modify party size, reschedule -- all with total flexibility in an intuitive environment.

Table management

Table management

Tock offers a fully in-browser real-time Table Management system which means that you can drop a tablet or laptop anywhere you need more information to provide better hospitality: the pass, expo station, valet, service counters, or even stay in touch from your home. Fully integrated CRM, extensive categorized guest notes and tags, two way chat, and built in text messaging.

Guest management

Guest profiles and notes

Tock provides robust CRM and surfaces the information when and where you need it most. Fully configurable guest tags, dietary restrictions, night-of-booking notes, and integration with social media profiles including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn mean that your team can provide magical hospitality instantly every time. And at Tock we don’t silo your information by restaurant -- if you have a regular at one location, they’ll be greeted as a valued guest throughout your restaurant group.

Reservation management


Tock features two-way, full customizable texting for walk-in and waitlist patrons. Instantly notify guests when a table is ready, get their reply, and text directly from Tock’s table management system.


Financial reporting

Financial reporting on bookings, sales, and realized revenue are easily exported to major accounting software systems. Actionable data by sell-through percentages, supplement sales, day of week bookings, and table sizes means you can work to optimize your booking template for better results.

Guest focused booking

We designed Tock and the booking process to be amazing for your guests – fast, seamless, and easy-to-use.


Booking widget

Tock’s booking widget lives right on your website so your customers never need to leave your marketing page. But unlike the others it is not a pared down version of searchable tables. Tock’s widget delivers the same reservation triad of regular, deposit, and pre-paid reservations as the full Tock site. Which means you’ll book more covers and sell more experiences.



Tock's makes it easy for guests to add their name, phone number, and email to an online waitlist. We know that diners can be particular and so we surface the opportunity to add their information throughout the booking process. This means you capture the information of even those guests who do not attend, and Tock allows you to easily search, download, and market to this audience -- a powerful source of future bookings.