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Welcome to Tock.

We want to help you run a better business, and create experiences your guests will never forget.

Our team

We are an extremely passionate group dedicated to changing the world of restaurants. Maybe that sounds crazy but we've amassed a team capable of making it happen.

  • Nick Kokonas
    Founder and CEO
  • Brian Fitzpatrick
    Founder and CTO
  • Steve Bernacki
  • JJ Lueck
    Staff Software Engineer
  • Jacob Matthews
    Staff Software Engineer
  • Robin Anil
    Staff Software Engineer
  • Yonatan Kogan
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Michael Vo
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Matthew Hooks
    Senior Front-end Engineer
  • Leah Neustadt
    Software Engineer
  • Dan Nelson
    Director of Design
  • Elise Pescheret
    Senior Product Designer
  • Kristin Smith
    Product Designer
  • Geoff Balasi
    UI Designer
  • Kyle Welter
    Director of Marketing
  • Katie Dolara Olsen
    Success Manager
  • Nicole Montanye
    Director of Hospitality
  • Dantee Arias
    Hospitality Manager
  • Emily Samoska
    Hospitality Manager
  • Huong Pham
    Hospitality Manager
  • James McHale
    Hospitality Manager
  • Todd Jones
    Outreach Manager
  • Eric Chmiel
    Outreach - Midwest
  • Tek Chung
    Outreach - Midwest
  • Benjamin Goldman
    Outreach Director - East
  • Carla Torres
    Outreach - Southeast
  • Jessica Dietrich
  • Natalie Riha
    Outreach - Northwest
  • Alison Arth
    Brand Ambassador
  • Kate Lowe
    Executive Assistant
  • Emily Groden
    General Counsel

Hospitality advisors and investors

Tock’s mission is to provide amazing, innovative software to the restaurant and hospitality industries. We’re proud that some of the best chefs, restaurateurs, and industry professionals have chosen to not only work with us to make Tock great, but also invest personally in our efforts.

Institutional investors

Tock is proud to be working with innovative venture organizations.

Individual investors

We are pleased to have an amazing group of individual investors that we rely on for critical ideas, advice and feedback.